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Best Hair wig service in Delhi, Get Rid Of Baldness At Patch Professor only in 5499/- Book an Appointment Now.

Patch Professor provides Hair wig service in Delhi . Where we give you a natural look as the real one with a patch. We gift you your confidence back and your happiness too.

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About us & hair patch fixing service

At Patch Professor, we offer hair wig services in Delhi to provide our clients with the natural and beautiful look they deserve. Our team of experts, committed to delivering exceptional results, has years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the hair patch industry.

Our clients know Patch Professor for providing top-notch assistance and operating with a team of masters. Each of our experts possesses years of experience. Who has a great deal of information on hair wig service in Delhi, They will assist you with giving you the look you need. We additionally have master counsels to comprehend and take care of your concern, who will direct you as indicated by you.

Patch Professor help people to make their personalities look good through our Hair Replacement in Delhi. As we want people not to have any regrets about their hair. For all those people who are struggling with baldness these days, it can be a challenging and emotionally distressing experience. However, there is hope for those who feel like their hair loss is affecting their self-esteem and confidence. Hence, Patch Professor’s top priority is to bring those people back to their self-confide by providing effective hair loss treatments and solutions that promote healthy hair growth. With the help of cutting-edge technology and innovative hair restoration methods, individuals can regain their confidence and feel better about their appearance. So, don’t let hair loss control your life, take action and discover the possibilities with Patch Professor today!

Why Choose Us

Mr. Ashish Barta is Founder of Patch Professor. People know our center for providing solutions to their baldness problem. We have a team of expert technicians for hair patch fixing service. They have many years of experience in non-surgical hair replacement.

  1. Here you’ll get the best services for non-surgical hair replacement.
  2. We have the best quality Hair patches and hair wigs.
  3. Here you’ll get varieties of all kinds of hair wigs and hair patches at an affordable price.
  4. Here you will get a wonderful experience which will give you satisfaction through our best services.
  5. You can customize your hair patch and hair wig with any color or size.
  6. We have all services at a very reasonable price.
  7. We have luxuries set up with a refreshing environment.
  8. Here you will get free consultations about the patch fixing process.
  9. Best natural look in 60 mint without any  

Hair Patch for Men


Work out, lift loads, go running – your hair patch fixing will stay secure and imperceptible. You can do what you love.

Hair Patch for Men


We use the best technology. Which gives a stronghold to the hair patch. you can also sleep with it without worrying about crumbling it.


Indeed! You might actually swim wearing your new hair patch. Our hair patches are appended with a waterproof product to give you that most extreme hold!


Very much like customary hair, you can shower and wash your hair as ordinary. We prescribe your patch to be washed on more than one occasion each week

Our Services

Whether it is hair bonding ,hair wig and hair weaving, or a complete hair patch fixing service, we serve you with the best products for your bald heads  Which are made without any use of  harmful chemicals with dedicated services on board.

hair patch Delhi

Hair Bonding Service

The hair bonding method involves a procedure that is completely non-surgical, painless, and fast. It is used to paste hair patches on the scalp. In this process, glue and tape are used which is also skin-friendly. Even those who are affected by the thin hairline will also be able to avail of this service.

Hair Patch Delhi | By Patch professor

Hair Filling Service

A hair patch or wig filling is a process in which you give extra life to your patch. The life of a hair patch is 5 to 6 months, When it gets old the hair fall start. You can buy a new one or give a hair-filling service to your patch it’s up to you.​

Hair Weaving Service In Delhi NCR

Hair Weaving Service

Hair weaving is a process in which patches of hair are combined with a base, weaving together existing hair to give it a natural look. In this process, we use threads only.

Hair Patch Delhi

Fully Taping Service

Fully Tapping Service in which we fix a hair patch. There are many types of tapes like red tape, brown tape, German brown tape, etc., through which we can do full tap.

Hair Patch Delhi

Microwefting Service

If you want to increase the length of your hair, then you can take microwaving service. This service is mostly handled by women because of its length and volume. Microwefting service we can do to only those people who already have hair on their heads. Through this service, your natural hair is strongly attached to a hair patch so you can easily style your hair.

Hair Patch Delhi

Clipping Service

In the clipping process, you can also manage your hair patch fixing by yourself. The hair patch is attached with the border of a metal clip that you can style by attaching it with your natural hair and it is easy to use by yourself.

See Our Work!

There is some Query that is in your head. Is a hair patch stop you to live a normal lifestyle.? The answer is no, You can do your daily routine things.

non surgical hair patch


hair patch for men
Hair Patch for men
Hair patch for men
Hair patch for men


Hair Patch for Men
Hair patch for men
hair patch for men
Hair Patch for men

What Our Clients Say

We invite you to read what our clients have to say about how we keep them coming back for more.

Hair Patch for Men

Patch Professor is the best place to get a hair patch fixing service, a fab place with expert advice. I will definitely recommend Patch Professor

Hair Patch For Men

Firstly thank you so much, patch professor to give my confidence back. I had a great experience in your luxury center. Delhi’s best hair patch fixing service

Hair Patch For Men

Peace full place and prices are affordable. I look different it feels like I get new life. All staff are very friendly and they are experts in their work

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